Backup Node Key

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Open SSH to your Skyminer login with user that is running Skywire node, keys are stored in home folder in .skywire subfolder

mitjag@orangepiprime2:~$ ls -all
drwx------ 6 mitjag mitjag     4096 May  25 19:14 .skywire

You can check you public/private key and seed in file

mitjag@orangepiprime2:~$ cat .skywire/node/key.json

For backup you can archive .skywire folder

mitjag@orangepiprime2:~$ tar czvf skywire2.tgz .skywire/

You can change the name of archive file ‘skywire2.tgz’ to suite your needs

Aftewards you can copy skywire2.tgz with WinSCP or scp command line to another machine and save archive to secure location (offline if possible).

Restore Node Key

How To on YouTube

To restore saved key you must copy skywire2.tgz to new instance of Skywire installation to home folder

Validate that Skywire node is not running

mitjag@orangepiprime2:~$ ps aux | grep node

If folder .skywire already exists (if you run Skywire node after installation) remove it with (double check that you are connected to correct node check hostname and IP address)

mitjag@orangepiprime2:~$ rm -fr .skywire

Restore .skywire folder from skywire2.tgz archive

mitjag@orangepiprime2:~$ tar xzvf skywire2.tgz

Start Skywire node and validate in Skywire manager that new node is registered with the same public key